Is Makeup artist a good career?

To answer this question straight up, Yes! A makeup artist is a great career to opt for both in India and worldwide.

The best thing about this field of study is that it is at a stage where everyone recognizes it as a mainstream career.

This means that this profession’s scope is HUGE.

Now let us support this conclusion with a few premises. The discussion will highlight the amazing career options in this field, the earnings and the future of this profession.

Here we go!

Who is a Makeup artist?

A makeup artist is a person who is capable of enhancing and creating looks through Makeup on anyone’s face or body.

Makeup is as much art as painting or sketching; the difference here is that the canvas for a Makeup artist is a human body or face, which is comparatively more arduous but definitely more rewarding than any of the above art forms. 

Luckily, being a makeup artist won’t need a big fat degree or certification.

You can easily pursue this career with just a knack for art in you. If you have talent, you can smoothly practice Makeup as a career and achieve heights. 

Why is Makeup Artist (MUA) a booming Career?

Makeup has been here since the 1500s; the only difference was that back then, such chemicals were not incorporated in the regime, but the application, and routine, were mostly similar to what it is now.

With the empowerment of females and artists, Makeup Artist (MUA) as a profession gained a lot of popularity. 

Makeup has become a vital glamour industry sector in today’s time. Around three decades back, makeup artists were not even considered artists in India. People opted for this as a profession, but not many families could accept their kids choosing this as a full-time career

And especially if a boy wanted to pursue makeup art, it was a next-level challenge for them. 

With westernization and the rise in progressive thoughts, India has come to a stage where this is an entire booming career with lots of opportunities. Having said that, with the kind of era we have come from, there is no going back.

Verdict : Those pursuing this career or looking forward to taking it up are about to enter the most glorious different time of this profession.

What are the future options for a Makeup Artist?

Here are a few career options that you can opt for –

Option 1 – Salon Owner

You can open your own beauty Salon with an investment of 4-5 lakh, which will include infrastructure, Marketing & Product cost.

Option 2 – Freelancer Makeup Artist

Instead of opening a physical salon, you can choose to build up your online presence via Youtube, Instagram, Google ads etc. to get makeup appointments. This is the most trending and highly demanded career options.

Option 3 – Beauty Consultant

Online product companies like Flipkart, Amazon, CliQ, AJIO and Video Production Houses frequently hire makeup artists. 

What is the average income of a Makeup Artist?

Let’s get to know the average monthly incomes of the professions listed above, in India.

ProfessionAverage Monthly Income (INR)
Salon OwnerThe expected earnings can be 50k to 1 lakh in the start, if it goes well.
FreelancerThis is the most trending and highly demanded career options. One can start earning quickly, around 1 – 2 Lakh per month, if you know how to run Social Media ads.
Beauty ConsultantThe income is highly variable in such cases – you can expect to earn anywhere between INR 20,000 to 2,00,000 per month, depending on your existing portfolio and skill.
Makeup Artist Earnings

For all the above career paths, you can join Cosmup’s Platinum Makeup course where we teach how to Market your Makeup services, and how to build your portfolio.


The career as a makeup artist is indeed one of the most flourishing careers at the moment, but just like any other career, this also requires a lot of dedication and loyalty.

Mainly because in this career, you will be playing around with chemicals on a human face; therefore, you have to have reasonable control over your hands as well as you have to be a trustworthy person in general. 

Unlike any other career, this is not just theory, books, and education.

This profession is much more than that. It is about the experience; it is about vision, and it is about how you see the world.

Because just like other artistic career options, being a makeup artist tests your art every time you hold a brush. Hence, solely bookish knowledge won’t help you grow. Your experience and your passion will make you a successful makeup artist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an average income of a makeup artist in India?

In a Major cities like Delhi, Bangalore or Pune, one can expect an average income of Rs. 8,00,000 Annually after 2-3 years of experience

Does a Makeup Artist Career require a lot of investment?

To scale any career, of course, the investment will play a vital role, and the same goes with a Makeup Artist as well.

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