What is a Makeup Artist(MUA)?

Let’s start with the formal definition of a Makeup Artist –

A makeup artist is a person who practices Makeup and provides services around the same.

Like every other artist, makeup artists have a canvas too; their canvas is usually someone’s face or body. As the name suggests, their first and foremost responsibility is to enhance any feature or facial aesthetics with the help of Makeup.

Long back, it was not even considered an art!

Today, lakhs of people are pursuing Makeup as a full-time profession and earning very well in it.

Makeup artists usually have a decisive role in the glamour and beauty industry; in fact, a considerable sector is run because of makeup artists and for them.

If you have an artist inside you and if blushes, brushes, liners, and lip shades fascinate you, being a Makeup artist may be something you can think of as a career. 

Let’s now discuss the work profile, roles & responsibilities of a makeup artis. And most importantly – how to become a Makeup Artist!

What exactly does a makeup artist do?

A makeup artist must competently transform the Human facial canvas into the expected character or appearance. These people often work with their clients to improve their bodily features and create flawless appearances.

A makeup artist needs to have a broad range of skills but can specialize in many different types of makeup and application techniques, including- High Fashion, Light Bending, Bridal, Prosthetics, Special Effects, Theatrical, High Definition & many more!

Special effects makeup artists spend hours concocting an individual into the desired finished look. They often work with prosthetics and can spend several hours tediously creating the perfect illusion. 

Theatrical makeup artists often work with directors to bring their vision for the actor to reality.

FYI – Professional and well-established makeup artists can also work as columnists and editors for beauty and style magazines. They may serve as experts on panels and write books and have blogs on the subject of makeup application.

What qualities should you possess to become a Makeup Artist?

In addition to being skilled at makeup artistry and retaining exceptional color perception and creative capability, thriving makeup artists possess several traits & qualities:

  • Patience & Ability to work under intimidation
  • Excellent communication skills (Doesn’t mean fluent English!)
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Ability to evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Good listener
  • Ability to work with close time limitations
  • Ability to evaluate customer needs

Now coming to makeup artists who work as an Freelancers or those managing their own Salon businesses; they must have great wisdom of business and management principles in areas such as:

  • Leadership skills
  • Risk-taking attitude (Because you’ll need a huge initial investment)
  • Strategic planning & Problem-solving mindset
  • Resource coordination (For Makeup Products)
  • Exceptional people skills

Future options for a Makeup Artist

Here are a few career options that you can opt for –

Option 1 – Salon Owner

You can open your own beauty Salon with an investment of 4-5 lakh, which will include infrastructure, Marketing & Product cost.

Option 2 – Freelancer Makeup Artist

Instead of opening a physical salon, you can choose to build up your online presence via Youtube, Instagram, Google ads etc. to get makeup appointments. This is the most trending and highly demanded career options.

Option 3 – Beauty Consultant

Online product companies like Flipkart, Amazon, CliQ, AJIO and Video Production Houses frequently hire makeup artists. 

How can someone become a Makeup Artist?

Just like going into any art, being a makeup artist requires zeal in this profession. You can not be a makeup artist if you do not have a knack for colors, brushes, or art in general.

This, like any other art, comes with a lot of passion. 

Other than this, to become a makeup artist, thankfully, no degree is needed. Also, you can become a makeup artist at absolutely any age. There is no bar.

Just to properly understand products, trends, and techniques, it is advisable to take classes or do courses for the same. These courses help in enhancing your mindset and thought process as a whole. 

Having said that, there are some of the great places to learn Makeup from (which you will obviously google out after reading this article!). But to make your search easier, I’ll just mention our course offering and tell you Why it’s the best out there in the market.

The platinum Makeup Course offered by Cosmup Makeup School, is one of the updated course in the makeup industry.

Now why did I say Updated?

Let’s digest one thing that this industry has gone through a drastic change with the advent of Social Media. However, most of the Makeup Academies failed to adapt their curriculum to the current scenario.

But how? Most of them don’t have detailed modules on How to actually promote your Makeup services, even after you learn makeup. That’s exactly what we have given importance to, in our curriculum.


Makeup Artist is a great career choice for creative people looking forward to their future in the Glamour world and can be well paying.

All you need to ensure is that you learn the basics and theory very well. No matter how practical this stream is, having a good hold on the theoretical part of anything is always a better and smarter choice.

All the best!

Frequently Asked Question

Should I take up a course to become a Makeup Artist?

To understand the latest techniques and skills, opting for Makeup classes is highly recommended.

How much does a Makeup Artist earn in India?

In a Major cities like Delhi, Bangalore or Pune, one can expect an average income of Rs. 8,00,000 Annually after 2-3 years of experience


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