Makeup artist jobs in India – Scope, Profile, and Employer!

Makeup Artist (MUA) is one of the most flourishing careers at the moment. It wasn’t so well recognized a few decades back.

But today, the makeup industry is one of the fastest growing industries not just in India but the world. 

Just like any other career, this stream also requires a lot of dedication and loyalty. Mainly because in this career, you will be playing around with chemicals and that too on a human face; therefore, you have to have good control over your hands. 

Now the first Question that arises is –

Is any qualification required to become a makeup artist?

This is subjective; some people prefer taking classes or certification, which definitely helps them extend their skillset. But there are successful makeup artists who haven’t taken any classes. However, you must take basic classes if you have no idea about this industry. 

Coming back to our topic

Let us discuss about the Makeup Artist Jobs available in India. We’ll discuss about their Scope, Work profile and Recruiters!

What is the scope of Makeup Artist Jobs in India?

India was not very accepting of fields such as Makeup back in the 80s. In the early 90s and post that, Makeup started gaining respect and popularity in India as a profession.

If we talk about the current times, India is hugely into glamour, and Makeup artist as a profession is doing greater than ever here. 

Having said that, there are some of the great places to learn Makeup from (which you will obviously google out after reading this article!). But to make your search easier, I’ll just mention our course offering and tell you Why it’s the best out there in the market.

The platinum Makeup Course offered by Cosmup Makeup School, is one of the updated course in the makeup industry.

Now why did I say Updated?

Digest the fact that Makeup is a profession full of changing trends and evolving standards; hence, the learning will never stop. So you will have to keep on learning new techniques, no matter how much experience you hold.  

Most (Not all!) other Academies have Failed to update their techniques and curriculum with evolution of Makeup.

We at Cosmup have specifically taken care of that!

The Job Profiles that are available for Makeup Artists in India!

Multiple roles can fit your interest if you are intrigued with the glamour world.

These roles will mostly depend upon your liking and expertise. And even if you do not find out your passion or area of expertise, there is always room for learning.

Here are some of the roles which you can take up if you are willing to go into Makeup as a profession:

  1. Beauty Consultant
    They educate those with a lack of knowledge regarding their own skin or hair. They help people understand products that may help their skin in all good or bad ways. The counsellors can work as a freelancer or work with high-end cosmetic companies.
  2. Celebrity Artist
    You can also mold your career as a makeup artist into the special effects department of a movie, TV series, theatre, or fashion industry. This is one of the most rewarding streams of Makeup and is extremely popular.
  3. Product Shoot Model Artist
    E-commerce Companies such as Flipkart, AJIO, Myntra hire Makeup artists for their Models (Both Male and Female) which are involved in photoshoots of their products, including clothes, jewelry etc.
  4. Salon Makeup Artist
    With rising interest for Makeup as a whole with the general public, wedding/ bridal makeup artists are also very well recognized. When it comes to the season of marriages in India, A bridal makeup artist is in high demand. 

Besides the streams mentioned above, many other fields can be explored with an interest in Makeup. 

Who can hire you as a Makeup Artist?

As mentioned above, Makeup is a massive part of many, many industries, and not just that, several businesses regularly employ makeup artists.

I am listing down a few recruiters

  • Film, Video Advertising and Commercial companies
  • Commercial, Portrait and Fashion photographers
  • Salon Owners
  • The fashion industry
  • Network and Independent Television
  • Cosmetic companies
  • Designer hairdressing salons, especially for demonstrations or hairdressing contests.
  • Education institutions, as teachers for makeup courses, and to run makeup workshops for students

Which companies Hire Makeup Artists Frequently?

Now, if you are planning to start early for experience, then here are a few places where you can be.

  1. Salons – Lakme Salon, Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon, Looks Salon etc.
  2. Cosmetic Companies – MAC Cosmetics, VLCC, Nykaa, Colorbar Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Loreal
  3. Product Companies – Shoppers’ Stop, Flypkart, AIO, Myntra

These companies are perfect for gaining experience and exposure at the beginning of your career, and even if you want to slow down your pace and settle in your life, these companies are ideal in terms of giving you a sound job.


Becoming a makeup artist may look all glamour and fame and a lot of money, but this is not entirely the case. This job asks for a lot of responsibility, dedication and tireless work. You have to be very hard working to survive in this industry, or else you will be long gone, so to speak. 

But the fact here is that you have entered a rewarding industry, and you will always be appreciated for your good work and criticized for average, so make sure you only get prior. Being in the makeup industry means that your work will be seen and will be all out, so make sure you only do your best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do in need any certification to become a makeup artist?

Taking a certification is recommended to back your skills with credibility of the academy’s brand.

How much can a Makeup Artist earn in India?

The earnings of a makeup artist are highly variable, but a professional makeup artist can earn between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 25,00,000 Annually.

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